Project 60

We are thankful for the sixty years over which Gaines has welcomed young people to this special place.   We want that to continue for sixty more - and beyond!

That is why, having now secured the freehold to the estate, we have set ourselves the challenge of developing the facilities to meet today's more demanding standards.  The scale of this is considerable, but so is our resolve and our faith! 

As you can see, our plan is to face the challenge in a series of more digestible bites. The immediate ones will make much-needed improvements to existing facilities (such as the shower block on the top floor). That done. the attention will turn to the the provision of en-suite accommodation units for visiting teachers and leaders - again, a prerequisite today - and the exciting redevelopment of Little Gaines and the dining wing. 

You can see a sketch of each phase, including our funding needs, by clicking on the boxes below. Naturally we'd love for our supporters to get involved.  We need considerable capital, manpower, and encouragement!